Repository of
Forgotten Wikipedia


This book is a collection of Wikipedia articles that I bookmarked over the course of weeks, months and years–an accumulation of unread, forgotten articles. Browsing through the largest and most popular encyclopedia of the World Wide Web, there is nauseating feeling to read everything that catches my interest, causing me to compulsively bookmark articles for future reference. An absurd mass of information is accumulated, so overwhelming in size that perspective over it is lost.

The internet is obviously helpful for our intelligence, granting us access to any kind of information. However, its vastness is also a source of haunting anxiety. What is out there? What will we find? We can only wonder while we latch upon what we already know, for fear of becoming lost in this vast ocean of infinite knowledge. It is a constant struggle to find distinction between what is relevant and what is not. To organize these bookmarks under the form of a book is to offer a new perspective for observation and consideration; formless digital information takes on a physical form. We are finally able to look at what it represents as a whole.